Digital redesign

SEK is a publicly owned company who finances the Swedish export industry. The new website is a part of a more customer oriented strategy. SthlmConnection's assignment was to create a new website, including digital design and updated content structure, in order to achieve a great user experience.

Intuitive and modern navigation. Users are guided through selected entries in the menu and by a carefully thought out structure on content.

Vibrant and personal content. Engaging and organic imagery brings a personal feel to the site, as well as reflects the long history of business relations within the company.

Interactive guiding. A custom made filtering tool presents relevant offers to presumptive customers, utilizing each users’ unique circumstances.

Thanks to a close collaboration with SthlmConnection the end result is a user centric website with a well thought out structure and navigation, presented in a modern, simplistic and personal way

Åsa Svanborg, project manager at Svensk Exportkredit

User centered design. A clean design with well thought out details gives users a focused and tranquil experience.

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