STIM – Music has a value

STIM's public website is both a presentation of Stim and a help center for STIM members and customers, we were asked to develop a website where these bort parts intertwine and gives visitors answers to their questions in a simple way. The result was ranked the best Swedish organisation website in 2016.


Best organisation website - Internetworld

The front page. Focussing on Stim's target audiences, the front page gives a good overview of what Stim does and what it has to offer.

Award top 100 at Internetworld

The best Swedish organisation website in 2016.

" is stylish and stripped. Site offers clear entrances for all categories of visitors regardless if they are surfing mobile or from a desktop computer."

Internet world

About Stim. A presentation of Stim's operations, in the form of video, text and images. Members and employees are put in the spotlight through interviews.

We are really pleased with our collaboration. SthlmConnection has always been there for us throughout the project. We think that we got a fantastic solution quickly and cost efficiently.

Åse Andersson, project manager, Stim

Mobile. We have gone through great lengths to make the mobile experience optimal.

Target audiences. Stim's main target audiences are music creators and music users. Here, Stim's offerings for the different audiences are presented in a simple and pedagogic manner.

Interviews. Long-form interviews with artists, producers and song writers connected to Stom.

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