Tengbom – From idea to reality

With more than 500 architects in Sweden and Finland, Tengbom is one of Sweden's largest and most well merited architect firms. Our mission was to create a digital platform that embodies Tengbom's vision, and fulfills the needs of their users and clients.


Honorable Mention - AwwwardsSite of the day - Mindsparkle MagSilver UX/UI - Indigo Awards

Focusing on images. We have chosen to give emphasis to the high-quality image material, coupled with well balanced text content.

Branding. Tengbom's custom font Scandia is one of the things that make the project pages convey a strong visual identity.

Organic design. Flexibility and creativity are at the core of the project pages. The numerous layout possibilities give editors the freedom to tailor pages to their needs.

Together with SthlmConnection we work as a coherent team of specialists, rather than hanging on the the stereotypical agency/client setting. We believe that this type of co-creation and teamwork is the road to success – in everything that we do.

Emelie Mannheimer, head of marketing and communication at Tengbom

Content navigation. A tight main navigation with a limited number of options, paired with smart and thoughtful content navigation makes for a better user experience.

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