TRIB are committed talent agents who help creators and digital experts find their dream job. Our task was to develop a digital identity that conveys TRIB's personality, and a website that helps companies and talents find each other.


Honorable Mention at Awwards

Closeness and community. With short and pithy text content and a warmness in the use of images and typography, we create clarity and create the right tonality for TRIB.

Identity. To refine the feeling they wanted to their brand to convey, we designed a new symbol and logo together with TRIB.

Job listings. By being able to produce a unique feeling in each ad, a creative and vibrant feel is created that will appeal to the user.

This is pure magic. Thank you!

Mathias Wellström, Managing Director at Trib

Simple and clear. The list of jobs should be easily manageable and easy to scan through, so we designed a clean list with focus on the most important stuff.

The team page. In order to create a more personal image of the team behind TRIB, we created a page with presentations for each employee.

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